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Expertise to Help Employees and Payers

Workers’ Compensation scenarios can be difficult for employees and their employers, as well as healthcare providers and payers. Our experience and expertise has proven to ensure smooth claim processes and care to help employees get back to work.


Injuries of any kind can be disruptive for individuals and their families. If the injury occurs at work, there are sometimes additional headaches in the world of Workers’ Compensation.

Our team of experts understand the complexities and pitfalls in this area of healthcare and can help steer you in the right direction. Our combination of quality medical devices, billing expertise, and outstanding customer service can work to get you back to work as quickly as possible – and can provide peace of mind throughout the process.


Our team is comprised of former health insurance personnel with experience handling all types of claims and billing processes related to durable medical equipment (DME). We work with Medicare, Medicaid, and private insurance daily, and are well-versed in the Workers’ Compensation arena.

Payers work well us for the following reasons:

Specialized Approach & Product Line – We only work in certain areas of healthcare treatment, including edema/swelling, wound care, diabetic-related complications, and deep vein thrombosis prevention. You benefit from our expertise in these areas to ensure patients are treated effectively the first time.

Competitive Pricing – Our focus on specific products allows us to offer pricing that is highly competitive. Purchase and rental rates are available.

Professionalism & Service – Whether dealing with patients, providers, or payers, our focus is on customer service. We pride ourselves on our expertise and ability to ensure smooth claims processes for all parties.