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United with Healthcare Professionals to Provide Patient Services and Care

ReMarx Medical Services has worked with patients, physicians, healthcare providers, and medical device manufacturers for 15 years. Our team of Provider Relations representatives, nurses and clinical professionals, and customer service and billing experts is dedicated to treating patients in the comfort of their own homes.

ReMarx was founded as a Durable Medical Equipment (DME) supplier providing compression stockings and pneumatic compression pumps, also known as lymphedema pumps, that address chronic venous disorders in the upper and lower extremities.

Today, ReMarx is a well-established, ACHC-accredited and Medicare-approved DME that operates in 14 states from Maine to Florida. We still focus primarily in compression therapy, and our product line includes two types of pneumatic compression devices, associated compression garments, and compression stockings.

Why do healthcare providers and patients rely on ReMarx?

  • Specialized Focus in Compression Therapy: Our expertise in compression therapy is unmatched. Our DME does not offer multiple products such as oxygen, walkers, and other in-home devices. We focus specifically on compression therapy, and our team has been helping patients suffering from lymphedema and other similar disorders for over a decade.
  • Dedication to Compliance & Positive Outcomes: Because we focus on specific conditions and treatment methods, our entire staff is able to communicate and strategize with physicians, wound care nurses, physical therapists, lymphedema therapists, nurses, vascular experts, and other healthcare professionals. Our knowledge and experience allows us to understand diagnoses, carry out prescribed treatment options, and educate patients inside their homes so that they use our devices and experience treatment benefits.
  • Timely Treatment: Operating within all Medicare and private insurance guidelines, our goal is to help patients receive treatment as quickly as possible. We move quickly from diagnoses and prescription to in-home application of the most appropriate medical device and therapy. We obtain the necessary insurance approvals, schedule delivery of devices, and coordinate with the patient so they can being improving quality of life immediately.
  • Advanced Products: We have worked with clinical experts to research and select the most effective yet easy-to-use devices for patients and providers. Compliance is our number one goal, and we only provide products that are intuitive enough for patients to understand and utilize.
  • Customer Service: ReMarx prides itself on reliable, knowledgeable, and fast customer service. From working with healthcare professionals on paperwork to resolving billing issues to educating patients on treatment options at home, our value as a top DME is in communication, specialized expertise, and expediency.