Wound care for venous ulcers

Wound care for venous ulcers can be a lengthy process. The goals of wound care treatment are keeping the affected area free of infection, absorbing any drainage, maintaining a moist wound environment, providing compression to manage swelling, promoting patient activity, and managing underlying medical problems.

Venous ulcers are the most common type of leg ulcer and are caused by poor venous circulation (venous insufficiency). Venous insufficiency is caused by the inability of the veins in the lower leg to circulate blood back up to the heart. Blood collects in the lower legs, damaging the tissue and causing wounds. Because the underlying medical cause of venous ulcers may vary, wound care and the use of wound care supplies should be specific to each patient.

There are several wound care supplies available to treat venous ulcers. They include elastic pressure bandages, multiple layer bandage systems, elastic compression stockings, short stretch bandages, and intermittent compression therapy. It is important for anyone suffering from venous ulcers to consult a physician to choose the proper wound care supplies for treatment.

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