Is Lymphedema Curable?

Lymphedema is incurable, but readily treatable.

What are the Treatments for Lymphedema?

Lymphedema can be controlled by elevating the limb, regular use of a lymphatic sleeve, and lymphedema treatment with a pneumatic sleeve that massages the limb. Exercise, weight loss, and physical therapy also may help. In cases of infection, antibiotics are administered. In some cases, diuretics are used. Elevating the limb means simply putting one's feet up, or propping one's arm on a pillow, to allow gravity to facilitate drainage of fluid from the limb(s). The elevated limb should be above the level of the heart.

A lymphatic sleeve is an elastic bandage that fits over the swollen area. Used once or twice per day, the pressure of the sleeve forces fluid into the lymph system. A pneumatic sleeve is an air-filled applicance that fits over the swollen area, with an air pump to administer messaging. The sleeve has overlapping air compartments that inflate sequentially to provide a pumping motion along the lymphatic vessels and toward the heart. Pneumatic sleeve and pump systems stimulate the weakened lymphatic system by pushing stagnant fluid through the lymphatics.

This lymphedema treatment can be performed by the patient at home for a few minutes or a few hours each day, according to the therapy program recommended by the physician. In the U.S.A., Medicare pays for the sleeve and pump so that patients can self-administer therapy at home as outpatients.

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